Business Services

If your technology is not efficient neither is your business. Lifetime Computer Solutions offers a complete solution to your business’ Information Technology needs. Whether you need troubleshooting or a complete network overhaul we can help.

Service Contracts

No IT staff? Let Lifetime Computer Solutions be your Information Technology department. We offer contracts for hourly repair service and scheduled preventative maintenance. Or ask about our Top Tier IT contract which includes the repair service, scheduled PM, and a 2 hour response time. Tie it with our remote support contract and get free remote assistance to help resolve certain problems that might not require an office visit.


Making the right decisions when it comes time to upgrade your office hardware is critical to the continued success of your business. We understand that each customer has a specific need for their business. It may be an business looking to expand and update your existing computer network, ad agency looking for a backup solution. It may be a school looking to image their laptops for the beginning of the school year. At Lifetime Computer Solutions we listen to the needs of each customer and then offer a complete solution to fit those needs.


Proper installation of Hardware and Software is crucial to maintaining that proper flow in your business. We understand Hardware and how to integrates it into your business. For compatibility reasons, understanding what software installations to perform in a specific environment is critical. Our experience working with design firms, recording studios and small businesses means we know what it takes to do that installation the right way. Keep Lifetime Computer Solutions in mind for that next computer, printer, server or network installation.


If your network is running slow and data transfers from the server are taking longer than they should then you may be having a network issue. Let Lifetime Computer Solutions evaluate your network, resolve those “bottlenecks” and increase your overall speeds. We can also configure your wireless network giving you the freedom to be mobile. With Lifetime Computer Solutions you can rest easy knowing that your network will be running at top speed.

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Network Implementation
  • Consulting for Network Upgrades


Can’t get online? Computer non-responsive. Lifetime Computer Solutions can help you solve your problems. Most business troubleshooting is done onsite to help ensure complete compatibility within the office network, printers, and server connections. At Lifetime Computer Solutions we are experienced in a wide range of business software applications and can help troubleshoot and repair software issues.


Integration of technology is paramount in business and education these days. Within the educational market it is only a matter of time before laptops are replaced with a mobile device such as an Tablet. Let us help you integrate these devices into your workflow giving personnel the flexibility to learn anywhere. Within the business market having a mobile device that keeps you in sync is a necessity. Having your eMail, Calendar Information, Customer Data and Product Data at your fingertips allows you to meet those all important deadlines. At Lifetime Computer Solutions we will help you to find the middle ground with your devices.

Server Solutions

Servers can be used for many reasons. They can be used to store user information such as login names, passwords and documents. They can also be used as File Servers for storing and sharing of data amongst groups of employees. We have worked with businesses to implement server solutions so that you can easily setup configurations for all personnel. At Lifetime Computer Solutions we can provide a server solution that fits your needs.

  • Email Solutions
  • File Server
  • Web Server
  • Remote Login Services
  • Open Directory and Active Directory Integration

Backup Solutions

Data backup solutions are a silent partner in your business. Lifetime Computer Solutions can help you develop a solid backup plan for your business to protect your data. Having backups of your client and server computers is critical in ensuring the safety of your critical business data. We can offer a whole range of backup solutions in case of catastrophic events. As a business with plenty of experience in dealing with failing Hard Drives we can tell you that Data Recovery services can run anywhere from $500 to $2,500 for client computers and anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 for business level recovery of RAIDs. So having a good backup plan saves you money in the long run and allows you the luxury of getting back up and running quickly should something ever happen.


To get the most out of your computer it is good to know how to use it properly. With years of computer experience we can show you how to get the most out of your computer. Below is a list of some of the areas of training we offer.

  • New Employee Training
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Office Programs
  • Email

Additional Business Solutions

Presentation Room Setup

We have the resources to help you design and install state of the art Meeting and Presentation Rooms. Dazzle clients with Projectors and SMART boards or even simple media installations.

Video Monitoring Solutions

Worried about security? Loosing Inventory? Ask us about video monitors and recorders.

Technology Inventory and Tagging

Not sure what you have? Don’t know how to keep up with all the gadgets piling up? Let Lifetime Computer Solutions inventory and asset tag all your equipment for easy tracking and inventory.

Imaging Services

Need to implement a large number of computers with a standard software configurations. We can help you build and image all your computers to be deployed to employees pre-configured.

Remote Login Services

Need to get into the office network from home or elsewhere? Let Lifetime Computer Solutions coordinate from your home and your office remote sessions for optimal speed and ease of use. Even in cross platform environments.